some books should be tasted, others devoured;

but only a few should be chewed and digested thoroughly. ♥

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12 December
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the writer + the journal
This is the writing journal of Jamie, who has been writing since as long as she can remember. The first thing she remembers writing was a continuation of a 7th Heaven episode. Since then she's been writing poetry, song lyrics, short stories and original stories. In later times, she began writing fanfiction. She hopes to have a book published, but who knows where that'll turn out.
the fandoms included + to come
Harry Potter, Supernatural, Twilight, Recess, Kim Possible, Wizards of Waverly Place, Friends, Bones, CSI, Life with Derek, Naturally Sadie, Phineas and Ferb, Jurassic Park, 7th Heaven, Lord of the Rings, My So Called Life, Speed Racer, She's the Man, Power Rangers.
the friendships + couples I love
Harry Potter: Harry/Hermione, Ron/Luna, Ron/Lavender, Neville/Ginny, Draco/Ginny, James/Lily, Remus/Tonks, Remus/Lily, Sirius/Harry, Fred/Harry, Dumbledore/McGonagall, McGonagall/Harry (friendship!), Anti-Molly, Anti-Dumbledore, (sometimes) Anti-Ginny. Supernatural: Dean/Sam. Twilight: Alice/Bella, Emmett/Bella, Edward/Bella, Jasper/Alice, Emmett/Rosalie, Carlisle/Esme, Angela/Bella Recess: TJ/Spinelli, Mikey/Gus. Kim Possible: Kim/Ron, Kim/Shego. Wizards of Waverly Place: Justin/Alex. Friends: Chandler/Monica, Ross/Rachel, Joey/Pheobe, Joey/Rachel. Bones: Booth/Brennan, Hodgins/Angela, Sweets/Daisey. CSI: Nick/Sara, Warrick/Catharine, Warrick/Sara(FS), Grissom/Catharine. Life with Derek: Derek/Casey, Edwin/Lizzie, Ralph/Casey, Anti-Truman. Jurassic Park: Alan/Ellie, Alan/Ian, Alan/Lex/Tim. 7th Heaven: Matt/Lucy (non-incest). Lord of the Rings: Frodo/Aragorn. My So Called Life: Jordan/Angela, Angela/Rickie/Rayanne Speed Racer: Speed/Racer X/Rex She's the Man: Duke/Viola, Sebastian/Olivia Power Rangers: Tommy/Kim
warnings + credits
This journal contains adult themes and concepts. This journal is open to all. Please read at your own discretion.
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